Once Upon a Time: Creating Your Family's (Peaceful) Back-to-School Story

Back-to-school time can be bittersweet for many people. While routines can help children know what to expect and create safe boundaries, they can also bring more stringent expectations and added stress, particularly when paired with specific time requirements. Then, add in additional commitments like extracurricular activities, homework, and making lunches, and those relaxed summer days can become a distant memory quicker than we would like.

But, there is hope for it to play out differently.

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Riding the Wave of Big Emotions

Maybe it was the wrong color plate. Maybe it was frustration with learning a new task. Maybe it was time to leave that super fun playdate. Maybe it was from being hungry, thirsty, or tired. All you recall is that what seemed like a peaceful, relaxed moment suddenly turned into a colossal meltdown. As your child loudly expressed his/her strong emotions, you could feel something brewing within you too. The sudden change of emotions over something that seemed relatively insignificant to you left you stunned, and perhaps you weren't sure how to work through it.

We understand, and we want to offer you a plan for the next time.

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