Q: Is InnerLinks Communication right for me and my family?

A: If you answer “yes” to any or all of these, then YES, InnerLinks is right for you!

  • Have you been frustrated with traditional therapy approaches?

  • Are you looking to get at the root cause of communication breakdowns, tantrums, challenges with focus, reading concerns, etc.?

  • Do you believe in or are you interested in a more balanced, holistic approach to communication development?

To find out what would be the best choice for you,


Q: Do you provide speech-language therapy at InnerLinks?

A: While we are speech-language pathologists, and we use our extensive knowledge regarding speech and language development as our foundation, we prefer to call our approach communication coaching. We make this distinction because in addition to helping to meet specific speech and language goals (determined by the families), our techniques also positively impact other areas that would not ordinarily be considered in a traditional speech-language pathology evaluate and treat protocol.  We employ “bottom up” techniques that directly impact the brainstem and midbrain and help to develop stronger connections between the right and left brain hemispheres, which improves overall balance and performance in all areas.

CNS pyramid.gif

Q: Does InnerLinks Communication accept insurance or provide superbills?

Given our holistic/family-centered approach we cannot bill insurance or provide documentation to do so as we are not providing traditional speech-language therapy based on measurable goals. Instead, what we offer is an overall wellness service that empowers parents and children and aims to improve family harmony and quality of life by addressing concerns from a foundational level. If you need financial assistance please visit our "Helpful Links" page to learn more about the Bridge to Healing Program and Sahara’s Project.

Q: How do you measure progress?


With YOU! Our family-centered approach means we work with you as a family to create “goals” for yourself and your child/children. We periodically revisit these personalized objectives with you to determine how progress is occurring. Parents and children who are active participants in establishing goals and evaluating progress feel more empowered throughout the process, which results in greater transformation.

Q: What populations do you serve?

We serve all populations. Although we do not believe in placing our clients in a "diagnosis box," our ongoing training in reflex integration and mindfulness techniques is beneficial for all children (and parents) alike, regardless of the diagnosis. Given the primary reflexes are the foundation for all development, both physical and cognitive, there truly is no diagnosis that would not benefit from this work. You can visit the Masgutova website to read more about who benefits from this work. The list is extensive!